Wednesday, November 16, 2011

this a.m. at 42nd Street

So I'm on the N/R platform and I go to where I always stand, over by the newsstand. As I'm coming down the platform I see a cute guy, latin, 5'11", in cool sunglasses, mid to late 20s, standing in front of one of those big garbage cans. I somehow sense his eyes are on me so I stop and am standing sort of facing him, my back to the newsstand. I can't tell exactly where he's looking bc he's got those sunglasses but suddenly he gropes himself. And not just a subtle grope, but a big cock squeeze. I was like FUUUUCK. So I stare and he does it again, really rubbing his crotch, and you see a hardon start to form in his tight jeans. I stare and lick my lips. He smiles. Continues to touch his growing hardon. Train pulls in, he turns, I walk past him and run the back of my hand all over his cock. We get on the train, I stand next to him. Unfortunately it's pretty empty so there's no opportunity to squeeze up next to him. He is standing at the door, outline of nice-sized cock still visible snaking across his hip. Then all too soon it's my stop. I'm desperately trying to figure out how to give him my # or something, hoping he'll get off with me. Doors open behind him. He turns to let people off, I walk by and slide the back of my hand all over his ass (NICE ass too) as I get off. I turn and look back. He smiles as the doors close. More later. --Brandon

(Pic is not the actual guy)